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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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2017 Summer

Camp Dates

Mid June: Chippewa Valley Jr Sports Camp (Altoona HS- 2-7th grades)

June 26-June 29: Sports Camp (Luther College- 7-12th grades)

Mid July: Golf Camp (Pebble Creek Golf Club- 7-12th grades)

July 28-30: Leadership Camp (St. Paul- 10-12th grades)

Sports Camp (Decorah, IA): June 26th-June 29th 2017

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Girls Sports                       Boys Sports:


Volleyball                                Football  


Basketball                             Basketball


Cross Country                        Cross Country


Soccer                                     Soccer


Tennis                                     Tennis


  Softball                                   Baseball

Swimming  Swimming





Sports Camp Huddle Leader Skit:
"Holy Ghosting"

Quotes about FCA Sports Camp:

"FCA Camp has shown me how to play with a Christ-like respect and to play to His glory but still play to my full potential. FCA is a great place to compete with other Christians." -Dom, Chippewa Falls HS

"FCA Sports Camp has changed my life and how I compete as a Christian athlete." - Neico, Menomonie HS

Quotes about FCA Leadership Camp:

"It was an experience I will never forget! I met so many amazing people that not only helped me strengthen my relationship with God but also became like a family to me." -Courtney, Mukwonago HS

"The camp is so welcoming and me coming in as not knowing anyone or having any idea of what it'd be like, I felt comfortable and felt like I belonged! Very strong speakers and lessons. Honestly I wished the camp lasted longer it was so much fun! Can't wait until the next one!" -Drew, Parker HS

"The Leadership Camp was the best thing that ever happened to me! It allowed me to open up more to God. Not only did the camp show me how to accept others for who they are, but also myself. I'm not perfect, but knowing that God created me and still loves me through everything is an amazing feeling. The camp strengthened my relationship with God and my faith altogether." -Katie, Whitnall HS

"This camp changed my life! For good! I have been to so many different camps, but this time it was different! I knew something in me had changed. Every other time I have fallen, and kept falling. But (in the 6+months) since this camp, I have stayed strong in the Lord! It was amazing! Something I'll never forget" -Kelsea, Minneota Secondary

"The constant encouragement and the sense of belonging... allowed me to open up to people I felt like I knew my whole life, but in reality only knew for about a day or two. It was just an awesome experience to learn and meet with others from different FCA groups. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to go!" -Garret, Marengo, IL

"Camp was amazing! Truly life changing! It opened my eyes to the Lord... All the people that were there were super nice and really made me feel comfortable even though I was so far from home. I will never forget this experience!" -Sara, Minneota Secondary

Camp Ministry

Camps are a time of "inspiration and perspiration" for athletes and coaches to reach their potential by offering comprehensive athletic, spiritual and leadership training.

Wisconsin currently directs a Sports Camp at Luther College in Decorah, IA and a Leadership Camp at Edgewood College in Madison, WI. Junior Sports Camps in Altoona and Menomonie are also offered. Other FCA camps include Partnership Camps, Team Camps, Coaches Camps and International Camps.


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Chippewa Valley Junior Sports Camp


Transportation & Scholarships

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See what multiple time Sports Camp attendee's Dom and Neico had to say about FCA Sports Camp at the

Northwest WI FCA Banquet



FCA Sports Camp Promo Video





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